CMA does not represent instrumental music. Bands/Artists applying for representation, please read the guidelines below. Then, fill out the form and include a link to your music and artist page. Let us know which album, EP or songs you would like us to consider.

We are currently looking for modern (charts) pop, hip hop, indie rock, alternative rock, pop-rnb, EDM, funk and foreign language artists in all of these genres. If this does not apply to you, please check back soon, as our needs change quarterly.


To submit an album or EP for consideration, please read our guidelines below:

  • We are looking for a diverse group of artists/bands with a minimum of 3 songs. Must be commercially available to the public.
  • We do not accept instrumental music or single song submissions.
  • Artists/bands must own 100% of their recordings and publishing.
  • CMA does not take ownership of the songs we represent.
  • Artists/bands that we represent are allowed to pitch their own songs themselves, but not place them with another pitching agent. In other words, our terms are exclusive, to avoid confusion, as well as legal issues as to who owns the underlying compositions. Many networks will not allow non-exclusive, retitled songs for this very reason. It’s also more attractive to clients to know they are getting a song from us that no other agent can license.
  • Artists/bands retain all of their “commercial” income streams (i.e. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.).
  • All income from CMA placements is split 50/50.
  • Territories for sync: USA and Canada
  • Term: 3 Years