Godyes is the brainchild of composer Todd Andrew. Having cut his teeth in the Los Angeles live music scene in the late 90s / early 2000s, Todd eventually turned his attention to composing music for TV and films via Blazed Out Music / Current Music.

Since 2008, he has produced almost 700 tracks that are currently being used in TV, as well as landing many theme songs for FOX and NBC. During these years, a folder on his desktop started filling up with little 30 second ideas of things born of pure free writing. During the pandemic it was time to turn these ideas into full tracks, and Godyes was born.

A master thesis of everything learned over the years, it combines all the best of what he has to offer. Slick production, hard hitting beats, next level guitar work, cinematic sound design, and a huge epic high vibrational feel. It truly represents who he is as an artist. 

Website: GodyesOfficial.com
YouTube: Godyes_Official
Instagram: @godyes_official